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Varian Award for Radiation Oncology

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Varian Award for Radiation Oncology of the Swiss Society of Radiobiology and Medical Physics (SSRMP)

Note: Deadline for submission is  March 31st 2012 !

Award rules:

  1. SSRMP can award during the annual general assembly up to three Varian prizes. The maximum amount for a single Varian prize is SFr. 3'000.-. Varian Medical System Inc. donate to SSRMP each year SFr. 3'000.- for the Varian prize.
  2. The prizes are given to single persons or to groups, which have made an excellent work in radiobiology or in medical physics. Members of SSRMP or groups with at least one member of SSRMP are legitimate to attend with a manuscript or with a published or unpublished paper of special importance, special originality or special quality. The size of the work should not exceed the normal size of a paper. A thesis normally exceeds this size. The person, who enters a paper written by more than one author, should have contributed the major part to this paper. The consent of the co-authors must be documented.
  3. The winner gets the prize amount, as well as a diploma with an appreciation.
  4. The invitation for the Varian prize is published in the bulletin of SSRMP. Direct applications or recommendations of other persons can be sent to the President of SSRMP. The documents should be entered in four specimens not later than six month before the annual meeting.
  5. A prize committee judges the entered works. It consists at least of three members of SSRMP and is elected or reelected for 2 years by the SSRMP board. At least one member of the prize committee should be member of the SSRMP board.
  6. The prize committee constitutes itself. The decision of award together with the appreciation should be sent to the board for approval.
  7. Varian Medical Systems Inc. is indebted to announce in written form each change of the prize amount or a termination of the contract to the president of SSRMP at least one year in advance.
  8. This regulation was accepted by Varian Medical Systems Inc. (Switzerland) September 27th, 2006 and renewed by the annual assembly of SSRMP September 27th, 2007. It can be changed only with the approval of Varian Medical Systems by a decision of the annual assembly of SSRMP.

President of the Prize Committee: Peter Manser (Inselspital Bern)

On 27.9.2007 the Annual General Assembly honours Walter Burkard for chairing the Price Committee since the Varian Price was first awarded in 1991:

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