Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Strahlenbiologie und Medizinische Physik
Société Suisse de Radiobiologie et de Physique Médicale
Società Svizzera di Radiobiologia e di Fisica Medica
Swiss Society of Radiobiology and Medical Physics

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working group contact main subject / comments
Vorstand SGSMP Raphaël Moeckli

All members are invited to submit their suggestions.
Applied Medical Physics Peter Manser

Topics of current interest in all fields of physics as applied in medicine.
Article 74 Francis Verdun

A report Medical physicist staffing for nuclear medicine and dose intensive x-ray procedures has been published. The next goal is to co-ordinate the implementation of art 74 into the clinics between SSRMP and BAG.
IGRT Jean-François Germond

A general recommendation on Quality Control in IGRT has been finalised (to be published). The next step will be a detailed report on how to perform the periodical checks.
IMRT Raphaël Moeckli

A recommendation on Quality Control in IMRT has been published. The next step will the a report on shielding requirements and techniques for special treatment procedures (like IMRT, IMAT, Tomotherapy, ...).
PET/CT Francis Verdun

Develop a recommendation on Quality Control of PET/CT. Anyone interested in joining should contact Francis Verdun.
Quality Control of Treatment Planning Systems Pierre-Alain Tercier

The WG has been re-established to review / update the existing recommendation. Anyone interested in joining should contact Pierre-Alain Tercier.
Critical Incident Reporting System (CIRS) Carsten Wessels

Combined with SASRO - with three main objectives:
- coordinate reporting required by law by providing a common database online;
- offer ROSIS.CH as a clinic internal CIRS to be used by those interested;
- offer an efficient method to enter data into ROSIS voluntarily.
Standardization in Medical Physics Werner Roser

Compilation of comments concerning working documents of IEC Technical Committee no. 62 "Electrical equipment in medical practice". Contact Werner Roser if you are interested in these topics.
ROKIS Peter Pemler

Radio-Onkologie-Klinik-Informations-Systeme (combined with DGMP & ÖGMP): after the publication of the recommendation the Working Group is following the developments of such systems.
Stereotactic Convergent Beam Irradiation Andreas Mack

Participation in the DGMP working group.
BAG/SSRMP Contact Group Raphaël Moeckli

All members are invited to submit their questions to be discussed with BAG.
METAS/SSRMP Contact Group Raphaël Moeckli

All members are invited to submit their questions to be discussed with METAS.
Physics education for radiation oncology residents Tony Lomax

Combined with SRO: Organisation of a lecture series covering the physics topics of importance for radiation oncology residents, to help with the completion of their specialist training. Presentations for download.

Calendar of Events / Veranstaltungskalender / Calendrier / Calendario

FLAG DEUTSCH : Arbeitsgruppen

Aufgeführt sind Treffen von Arbeitsgruppen der SGSMP oder mit Beteiligung der SGSMP. Ziel dieser Liste ist nur nur, AG-Mitgliedern das Nachschlagen vergessener Termine zu ermöglichen - wichtiger ist die Information der Nicht-Mitglieder: wenn Sie zu einem in einer AG behandelten Thema eine Frage haben, können Sie nun die/den AG-Leiter(in) kontaktieren und die Frage evtl. beim nächsten Treffen diskutieren lassen. Deshalb sind auch Vorstandssitzungen mitaufgeführt.

Möchten Sie bei einer Arbeitsgruppe mitmachen ? Melden Sie sich einfach beim Vorsitzenden !

FLAG FRANÇAIS : Groupes de Travail

Vous trouverez ci-dessus la liste des réunions de la SSRPM et des groupes de travail (GT) correspondants. L'objectif de cette liste n'est pas seulement de fournir aux membres des GT les dates des réunions qu'ils auraient pu oublier, mais surtout de donner des information aux non-membres: si vous avez des questions concernant le sujet d'un GT, vous pouvez en contacter le président de manière à ce que ce sujet soit discuté. C'est pourquoi les réunions du comité de la SSRPM sont aussi indiquées.

Vous souhaitez participer à un GT ? Contactez simplement le président du GT !

FLAG ITALIANO : Gruppi di Lavoro

FLAG ENGLISH : Working groups Working groups

Listed are meetings of SGSMP and related Working Groups. The aim of this list is not only to provide WG members to look up mislaid dates - more important is the information of non-members: if you have a question regarding a WG topic you can now contact the WG chairman in time for the next WG meeting, where this topic could possibly be discussed. For this reason also Board meetings are listed.

Do you want to join a Working Group ? Just contact the chairperson !


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