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Lobbying for a protontherapy center in a Lemanic medical facility: milestones
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Avant-projet de protonthérapie en Suisse romande

Lobbying for a protontherapy centre in a Lemanic medical facility: milestones

24.11.1998 Following the recommendations of Prof R.O. MIRIMANOFF and Prof L. ZOGRAFOS, the Dean from the Medical School of Lausanne, Prof B.C. ROSSIER, called for a 1st meeting of a Commission nominated to evaluate the feasability of a protontherapy project in Lausanne.
16.12.1998 Meeting of the "Swiss Proton Users' Group (SPUG)" at PSI
1. To build a hospital based proton facility in CH (8/14 votes)
2. Opening for projects to host protons in Swiss hospitals.
11.01.1999 Dr R. MIRALBELL, nominated President of the "Lausanne Commission".
26.02.1999 Asked to participate in a Meeting with G.O. SEGOND (Health state secretary of Geneva) to talk about protons in Geneva. This Meeting was requested by Mr J. BISSELL, Director of l'Hôpital de la Tour (Columbia) à Meyrin (GE). Goal: build a proton facility in collaboration with the CERN.
Impression: Just a first approach to test the potential interest of the Cantonal authorities. The idea of such a project was suggested by Dr J. SCHWADE, Director of "RT21 Radiation Systems Corporation" and former owner of the right to build proton facilities in the US.
15.05.1999 PROSCAN project at PSI : Development of a second gantry at PSI in view to be commercialized in a future (joint venture with the industry). Project time : 1999-2003.
18.05.1999 Meeting with Dr J. SCHWADE in Miami (FL).
Impression: No real intention to build. Just a good and sound idea (bussiness oriented). However, he would seriously consider to invest in a Hospital based project in the Lemanic region.
16.06.1999 Following the suggestion of the Rector of the University of Geneva Prof M. BOURQUIN, submission of the "Avant-projet de protonthérapie en Suisse romande" to the Deans of the Medical Schools of Lausanne and Geneva.
03.09.1999 Nominated by the "comité de direction" of the Hôpital Cantonal de Genève as the person representing the hospital in the above mentioned proton project.
30.11.1999 Meeting in Bern with Mr Ch. KLEIBER, Swiss state secretary of science and research to present the proton project.
1. Need to organize a Meeting with the partners in Spring 2000 (Universities, EPFL, federal, PSI, Industry).
2. Goal: to develop a research project able to benefit of a federal credit for 2004.
08.03.2000 Final report of the "Lausanne Commission" submitted to the Dean.
17.04.2000 Approval by the Board members of the Medical School of Lausanne of the Commission's report.
13.03.2000 Paper in the "Tribune de Genève" quoting Prof M. BOURQUIN, as the sponsor for a Carbon ion project in the Lemanic region ?!?!
02.05.2000 Prof M. BOURQUIN admits a misinterpretation of the press in a letter written to Prof R.O. MIRIMANOFF and myself.
20.06.2000 SPUG Meeting. Consensus with the Lausanne project requested.
Conclusion Support the PROSCAN project (leading to the development of a less expensive unit and more compact gantry), then transfer the second gantry developed at PSI to Lausanne (or other site in the Lemanic region) after 2004.

Raymond Miralbell

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